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Global Certification & Spares
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As Standard practise Elmar no longer supplies hard copies of certification: instead we offer our clients access to our online database so that they can view, save and print their certification when required
Gain access to our online database by requesting a password. Go to the 'I wish to register to view documents' below and complete your details.

For certification enquiries contact
Lesley Hekelaar QHSE Certification Supervisor

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By gaining access to the certification database all Purchase Order related assembly drawings and maintenance manuals can be viewed. From one location all your documentation needs with quick reference for ordering spares from the Original Equipment Manufacturer are provided. Elmar part numbers used in the construction of the equipment are available here.
For spares enquiries contact

Valerie Clark Spare Parts Supervisor

  For all offices contact
As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Elmar ensures that our products comply to the required legislation as part of specific customer requirements. This is a complex process and involves following as applicble:-  
  • the use of certified components
  • engineering calculations
  • technical file
  • notified body
The Elmar Certification Database provides access to the Certification Documentation of the equipment at the point of sale and when it is serviced by Elmar. However as standards change the specification of these parts can change through time and Elmar review this information to ensure that spares parts do not breach the certification of the product when supplied. As a result to ensure compliance that the product in the field complies to the legislation declared by Elmar ln the Declaration of Comformity (DOC) ALL spare parts must be purchased from Elmar